What To Wear

What To Wear - Premier Enclosure

Racegoers at Newmarket like to make it a special occasion and choose to dress accordingly. Ladies and Gentleman are encouraged to dress up smartly in the Premier Enclosure. Most gentlemen would choose to wear smart trousers and formal shoes to complete the look. So whilst there is no formal restriction on wearing jeans and trainers, these are rarely seen in the Premier Enclosure. Many ladies opt for a hat, although it is not compulsory. Imagine you are going to a smart wedding is our tip.

Fancy dress, sportswear or swimwear is not accepted as appropriate dress in the Premier Enclosure.

What To Wear - Grandstand & Paddock / Family Enclosures

In Grandstand & Paddock and Family Enclosure the dress code is more relaxed; shorts and t-shirts are worn by racegoers enjoying the sun. The only common sense restrictions would be those of taste and appropriateness which would apply to all areas, for example regarding slogan t-shirts and swimwear. Bare chests are not acceptable.



Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is allowed at Newmarket Racecourses on all days within the Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure (fancy dress is not permitted within the Premier Enclosure at any time).

Newmarket Racecourses reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be dressed inappropriately. If your party is considering wearing fancy dress, in order to avoid any disappointment on the day, we recommend that you call our Racecourse Customer Relations Team prior to the race day on 01638 675300.


In the event of one or all or your party being refused admission, no refund will be offered.


For more information on the dress code for any Newmarket raceday, please call 01638 675 500.